Thank you to:

Partnership with Kantar Media

The CIPR Corporate and Financial Group have had a long standing relationship with Kantar Media (formerly Precise) who have been great supporters of our group, sponsoring our annual dinner and summer party. We are delighted that we have secured the relationship for the next three years, with Kantar Media becoming the Group's media monitoring and analysis partner and the only provider of mainstream and social media monitoring, analysis, planning, evaluation and media contact services that the group recommends.

InvestorCom Ltd who kindly designed and produced this website for the Group, www.investorcom.co.uk

AXA for providing a venue for the speaker lunches.

Ben Fitzpatrick for providing the photography at our events.

Newscast for past photography at our events.

Kevin Bruce FTI Consulting (designer) and PrintCiti (all Legal Support Solutions) (printer) for the new Corporate and Financial Group membership leaflet.

Sponsorship enquiry

From time to time there are opportunities to sponsor specific aspects of the Corporate and Financial Group's work. To discuss possible sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sue Owen: sueowen@corporate-financial.com


Agency listings

If you would like to add to these listings, please contact Sue Owen, sueowen@corporate-financial.com




Kantar Media