23 December 2010 newsletter

23 December 2010

This year, the Corporate and Financial Group has grown faster than other CIPR groups, thanks to a very strong programme, and next year's programme is shaping up well.

2011 lunchtime meeting dates for the diary

Tuesday 11 January 2011 Dominic O'Connell, Sunday Times
Tuesday 15 February 2011 Chris Blackhurst, Evening Standard
Tuesday 8 March 2011 Andrew Gowers, BP's Head of Media Relations 2009/2010
Tuesday 12 April 2011 Hugo Dixon, Breaking Views
Tuesday 10 May 2011 speaker to be advised
Tuesday 14 June 2011 "
Tuesday 12 July 2011 "
Tuesday 13 September 2011 "
Tuesday 11 October 2011 "
Tuesday 8 November 2011 "

£15 for members; guests £20 for the first occasion and £25 for subsequent meetings. Booking forms can be found on the website.

You can buy a book of vouchers for the speaker lunches and make a 10 per cent saving. Members between jobs can attend meetings free of charge - it is a great way of networking and keeping in touch and members have found jobs though the group network. You are entitled to 5 CPD points for attending the meetings too.

We are grateful to AXA for again hosting the 2011 speaker programme.


Meeting reports

We have just posted Quentin Langley's report of the meeting at which Hugh Pym spoke. If you have missed any of the events this year, you can find many of the reports on our website.


Through the Thicket

Copies of the third edition of Through the Thicket, the Group's guide to financial PR, are available now. The guide is an easy-to-understand summary of the rules and regulations that anyone doing PR for listed companies needs to follow. To obtain a copy, cost £15, please email sueowen@corporate-financial.com.


Membership information

Next year's subscriptions are now due. As well as individual membership, corporate membership for a group of four to seven members attracts a 15 per cent discount with a group of eight or more receiving a discount of 25 per cent. Please contact Sue Owen for more details.


Register with the new UK Public Affairs Council

The UK Public Affairs Council (UKPAC) register of lobbyists is now open and it is important that CIPR members who lobby are registered by the end of January 2011, after which the government will begin consulting on its proposals for a statutory register.

Members can find out if they meet the UKPAC definition of a lobbyist here.

And the CIPR's FAQs for members can be found on the CIPR website.


Thank you

Thank you all for helping to make the CIPR Corporate and Financial Group's year a success with several memorable highlights. In particular, many supporters have contributed to the success of the Group: Newscast (you can see photos of the events courtesy of Newscast), AXA, The Works, Precise, and lastly the committee and committee associates without whose help there would be no events.

Best wishes for a happy Christmas, hopefully not too disrupted by snow, and for a successful new year.


Best wishes

Caroline Cecil



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