Past events

By clicking on the links below, you can see details of the reports of the different events, press coverage and photos. (courtesy of Newscast)

08 Nov Dafydd Rees, Sky News Photos
11 Oct John Authers, Head of Lex Meeting report; Photos
13 Sept Mark Gilbert, Bloomberg Meeting report; photos
12 Jul Richard Fletcher, Daily Telegraph Meeting report; photos
14 Jun Andrew Oxlade, This is Money Meeting report; photos
10 May Tracy Corrigan, WSJ Europe Meeting report; photos
12 Apr Hugo Dixon, Breaking Views Meeting report; photos
08 Mar Andrew Gowers, BP's Head of Media Relations 2009/2010 Photos
15 Feb Chris Blackhurst, Evening Standard Meeting report; photos
11 Jan Dominic O'Connell, Sunday Times Meeting report

Latest News

Thursday 12 July lunchtime meeting
Our lunchtime meeting is on 12 July - a THURSDAY

11 June 2018