Past events

By clicking on the links below, you can see details of the reports of the different events, press coverage and photos.

24 Nov Annual Dinner Photos
08 Nov Greg Wood, Business Correspondent - Today Programme  
11 Oct Panel Discussion, Andy Fleming NAPF and Claire Jenkins, Gallaher Group plc  
13 Sep Jeremy Warner, City Editor - Independant  
12 Jul   Robert Peston, City Editor - Sunday Telegraph  
22 Jun Summer Party Photos
14 Jun   William Wright, Editor - Financial News  
10 May Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor London Evening Standard  
12 Apr Simon Brocklebank-Fowler, Cubitt Consulting; John Godfrey, WestLB  
15 Mar Paul Kafka, Director of Corporate Communications, LSE  
08 Feb Lee Miller, Bloomberg News, Managing Director  
11 Jan Howell James, Permanent Secretary, Communications Cabinet Office  

Latest News

Simon Long, The Economist, Helen Thomas, BBC Newsn
Tuesday 12 September: Simon Long, Finance and Economics Editor, The Economist
Tuesday 10 October: Helen Thomas, Business Editor, BBC Newsnight
Tuesday 14 November: Oliver Shah, City Editor, Sunday Times

18 July 2017