Past events


29 Nov David Jackson, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Powergen plc Transcript
13 Nov Liz Padmore, Accenture   
09 Oct Lynton Jones, Chairman, Jiway
11 Sep Paul Barber, Marketing Director, The Football Association  
10 Jul Lord Stevenson of Coddenham CBE, Chairman of Pearson plc, and Halifax plc  
22 May Angela Knight, Chief Executive, The Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers   
10 Apr Mike McCarthy, Managing Director, CNN  
06 Mar Luke Johnson, Entrepreneur and Chairman of Belgo Group plc  
13 Feb George Graham, Editor of FT Lex Column  
09 Jan
Ed Carr - FT  

Latest News

Simon Long, The Economist, Helen Thomas, BBC Newsn
Tuesday 12 September: Simon Long, Finance and Economics Editor, The Economist
Tuesday 10 October: Helen Thomas, Business Editor, BBC Newsnight
Tuesday 14 November: Oliver Shah, City Editor, Sunday Times

18 July 2017